The Angry Corrie 26: Feb-Mar 1996


The Guardian has always proved good source material for TAC; now it appears they're trying to steal our pitch:

This appeared in the Online section for 18/1/96. What more can we say really? In need of a quick cuppa? Just grab the nearest sheep and plug it in.

And this appeared in the same paper, 30/11/95, as part of the preamble to the 2nd Test at Jo'burg: "A specialist team has been taking readings from the pitch using a Clegg Impact Soil Tester". This sounds an immensely useful summer hillwalking device. Stuff your GPSs and mobile phones; a CIST is what you want. TAC is bidding to become the sole UK importer of a fabulous product.

Back online, this column was planning to proudly announce a great leap forward in virtual hillwalking with the arrival of the TAC home page. And so we can: simply look up (no gaps) to discover this and many earlier TACs (TAC1 online soon). But in terms of sheer good-place-to-be-ness, we've been cyber-trumped by a palace coup from Alan Blanco himself. Pay a visit, and marvel, to "Blanco's Mountain Centre":

This links to the TAC homepage, to hill books, and to almost any hill list or home page you care to mention.

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