The Angry Corrie 25: Nov 1995-Jan 1996

It's the 1995 TAC Christmas Quiz!

It's the moment you've all been waiting for...
It's entranced-entrants time...
It's the 1995 TAC Christmas Quiz!

After last year's stunning entry - 14 quizzers averaging 53.38% - we've increased the number of questions and both hope and expect more people to do even better this time. The winner will be the person with most correct answers by first post on Thursday 18th January 1996, with second and third prizewinners also being determined, and with the results etc being given in TAC26 (due out late January). As we said last year, due to the difficulty of this quiz it's well worth entering even if you only know a few answers.

By way of help, note that all answers pertain to Scotland except 2e, 2k, 9a-g, 10c, 11d and various parts of 13. Pointscoring differs between questions, and is detailed each time. The maximum possible score is 81. As last year, and in a nod towards creative/lateral thinking, anyone offering any answer correct in itself but not what we were really looking for may well score half the normal mark for that question.

Prizes will be negotiable, but are likely to consist of a combination of the new TAC T-shirt, a subscription and some Viewfinder Panoramas (see p12) for the winner, with lesser quantities of the same for the runners-up. As ever, entries should be sent to The Angry Corrie, House 48, 170 Sandiefield Road, Glasgow G5 0DL. They can also be emailed to the editor at

1 Which two neighbouring hills have, according to the OS Landranger sheets, names which include parentheses? (1 each)

2 Find:

(a) Tyrebagger Hill (b) Tire Beggar Hill (c) Boy's Hill (d) Oldcake (e) Cronk ny Arrey Laa (f) Big Scare (g) Barbadoes (h) Several Moor (i) The Lyeing Hill (j) Mount Joe (k) Mount Marilyn (1 per part)

3 Practical section:

(a) Your editor began 1995 by climbing three East Lothian Marilyns: Meikle Says Law, Spartleton and Dirrington Great Law. All have trig points on top, but which is the most dilapidated? (2)
(b) Which lowly eastern Marilyn has a sign on its main path reading: "Beware of kicking horse"? (2)

4 Letterdismay:

(a) Which two Munros have the same three letters in consecutive alphabetical order? (1 each)
(b) The names of which two neighbouring Scottish villages contain the same three letters in consecutive alphabetical order? (NB - different letters from part (a) above) (1 each)
(An example of "three letters in consecutive alphabetical order" is Corstorphine.)
(c) One of last year's answers involved Coylumbridge being 12:12 - ie containing 12 letters, all of them different. We've since found a second Scottish 12:12 - on the same OS Landranger as the answers to question 4(b) above. What is it? (2)

5 What connects :

(a) The Five Sisters and The Sex Pistols? (2)
(b) Ward Hill on Fair Isle, Ben Macdui and Glenelg? (2)
(c) Ben Lomond, Walbury Hill (the Berkshire county top) and Don Bradman in 1930? (2)

6 Which hill is mapped thus? (2)

7 Which two Munro Tops share exactly the same six-figure grid reference but belong to different Munros? (1 each)

8 Odd one out, and why: An Dun, Ben Nevis, Ben Tianavaig (Skye), Grey Hill (Girvan), Hare Cairn (Glen Isla), Leathad an Taobhain, Meall nan Damh (Ardgour) (2)

9 International section:

(a) The highest mountain measured from the centre of the earth? (1 for name, 1 for approx total "height")
(b) The highest point in Britain, including its dependencies (1 for name, 1 for height)
(c) The three European countries (including their dependencies) with the lowest highest points? (1 each)
(d) The European country with the highest lowest point? (1 for name, 1 for lowest point to within 50m)
(e) The three countries in the world with the highest lowest points? (1 each)
(f) In a European country, the highest hills differ between summer and winter. Name the hills. (1 each)
(g) The country, over 500 miles from end to end, with a highest point of less than 3m? (2)

10 What are there - of? (1 each)

(a) 443
(b) 515
(c) 293
(d) 26 (but not yet)
(e) 785b

11 Complete the following sequences (1 point for each missing entry, plus a bonus each time for stating correct reasons):
(a) Ben Hope, Ben Wyvis, Carn Liath, -, Beinn a'Chlachair, -, Stuchd an Lochain (clue: no more in sequence but a few others are not far off inclusion)
(b) Beinn Liath Mhor, Sgurr na Sgine, -, Bla Bheinn, Beinn Narnain, -, Bidean nam Bian (clue: 270 more in sequence)
(c) Liathach, Ben Starav, Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan, -, Druim Shionnach, -, Carn Eige (clue: definitely no more in sequence)
(d) London, Paris, Banana, - (clue: nothing to do with hills or fruit)

12 Cairn Gorm is due south of Ben Alder, and a little way to the west of Tinto, with Glen Etive lying far to the southeast of all three. Where? (2)

13 Eh? Rewrite the following story, replacing all 55 bold words/phrases appropriately. Asterisked phrases are double-entry, scoring half per word. Twelve quiz points available total: one for every five correct answers plus a bonus for the full set...

A Middlesex batsman and a Liverpool midfielder met at 2:5, then went up one of two identically-named hills in last year's quiz* before taking a company name ferry across to an island, where they visited the place where TAC's editor was once operated on in hospital. Returning to the mainland for ice-cream in home of Nardini's, they met up with the would-be world chess champion and one of Vic and Bob's captains* at a rave in a west coast town (where the former was drinking the state containing the world's largest river island tea while reading a book about two of his more successful predecessors* and the latter watched this year's wonderhorse at the races).

After spending the night under what painters paint on, they towed their annoying vehicle via a sub-Ochil village and a sub-Ochil county town to eventually climb an eastern Munro before staying nearby, in half a town near a beech hedge. Next day, after popping up Ben Wyvis from where you pop up Ben Wyvis from, they decided to visit several more islands - so crossed pass on 5b* to Kylerhea and Skye. Here they unpeeled tropical fruit on a Marilyn near Carbost and wore warm Crimean headgear on a Trotternish Graham.

Inuit canoes then took them to a small island, where they scaled Carn a'Ghaill before paddling to Rum to climb another Graham*. Tiring of Scotland, they flew over the big mountains, the more big mountains, the large North African desert and other Springsteen song / Sissy Spacek movie en route to a capital city. From here they rode unrideable beasts up a screeslope onto a holy mount prior to watching a Scottish-managed Turkish side play their Dutch rivals in the Champions League.

Tomorrow, they'll either fly south (over the Messner where Messner died*) to view molten rock flowing from the recently exploded Mount Ruapehu toward a nearby small village; or join a podgy but nonetheless skilful footballer in a Moroccan movie town to hear a seventies latin rock band - wearing Mexican headbands - perform a short oratorio as part of a fundraiser for the unjustly jailed Filipino maid.* The support act will include a weepy Irish Christian Eurovision singer and the acronymic kings and queens of glitz-pop playing songs by the much-missed, moustache-sporting Mother of Invention.* Magic!

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