The Angry Corrie 25: Nov 1995-Jan 1996

Glen Coe versus Shakespeare again

Perkin Warbeck unearths new evidence...

Social-work and bird-of-prey film maker Ken Loach has departed from his oeuvre (departed from his egg? - Ed.) with his latest outing Land and Freedom. A few TAC readers may be familiar with one of the actors (a Paul Laverty from Glasgow) in this account of the complicated political manoeuvrings (personeggings? - Ed.) which embroil a militia unit in the Spanish Civil war.

Is this the Paul Laverty of Channel 4's Into Nicaragua I hear you ask, or the subject of a Sunday Mail account of a brave Scots lawyer who negotiated with the Nicaraguan Contras for the release of some innocent hostages? (That's enough Nicaragua - let's have some Glen Coe - Ed.)

Paul it turns out has a major part in the film, with a significant contribution to what many critics have described as the key scene. He also has to feign injury and sing the Internationale in Spanish. All this in spite of the fact that he is not and never has been an actor. In fact this major part in a big budget mainstream movie is his debut.

Some of TAC's staff have taken Paul to the mighty summits in the past, and while making excellent company he has singularly failed to scoot up the South Peak of the Cobbler with his hands in his pockets. No solo ascents of the great crags have been jauntily carried out by the erudite activist.

So the theory advances.

Theorem: Glen Coe is better than Shakespeare
Lemma: Climbing is much harder than acting

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