The Angry Corrie 25: Nov 1995-Jan 1996

Feedback - kcabdeeF

Thanks to all (and there were many) who wrote in with regard to possible changes to TAC as suggested on p19 of last issue. Almost everyone wanted things to remain pretty much as they are, with especial emphasis being put on continuing the lock-out on adverts. Several people also stated that they wouldn't dream of taking money for contributions, stressing the importance of the fanzine ethic. This was, basically what we wanted to hear. From our point of view, given that TAC just about covers its costs (with an occasional boost from T-shirt sales), then why on earth include adverts or bump up the cover price? In a hillwalking world where everything seems to cost an arm and a leg (or in the case of buffalo suits, two arms and two legs), then we think that one thing at least should be dirt cheap. And that thing should be TAC. Of course we'll forever be tinkering with the magazine, dropping this feature, introducing that. But such changes are cosmetic, rather than cosmic. Folk have long written to us using the phrase "Keep up the good work". To this has now been added "If it ain't broke, why fix it?" We agree.

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