The Angry Corrie 25: Nov 1995-Jan 1996

"Copycats ripped off my songs"

"Copycats ripped off my songs" - Van Morrison, Town called Paradise

If you think this cutting looks familiar, you'll be right. Ostensibly taken from the September 1995 newsletter of the Christian Rock and Mountain Club, it of course first appeared (sort of) in TAC23, p12. Now, we at TAC are not a vindictive bunch, even occasionally given to a bit of Christian charity, but there are limits. Sometimes climbing clubs, local papers and the like ring us up saying "We really liked such-and-such in the last TAC; any chance of using it in our next newsletter?" And we almost always say Yes, provided mention is made of TAC and that the group isn't the BNP or something. But no-one rang us here, and indeed if you check back to the original you'll see that the text has been oh-so-subtly changed by whoever it was that couldn't be arsed cranking up their own creativity. It's good to see the Christians living up to their own high moral code. (And we can spell Lochnagar.)

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