The Angry Corrie 25: Nov 1995-Jan 1996


Readers will have discovered by now (due to said object falling out and hitting their toes) that TAC25 is the first issue to include a flier. This isn't an advert for some useless product, but the Mountaineering Council of Scotland's recently published blurb on access to the hills. Also available from the MCofS is an excellent 24pp Winter Skills brochure written by Allen Fyffe and Iain Peter. (Available from MCofS, 4a St Catherine's Rd, Perth, PH1 5SE, 29p A4 SAE marked Winter Skills.) With the imminent onset (hopefully) of the icy season, this is well worth a precautionary read.

Last issue we gave the new address of Andy Mayhew, Gen Sec of the MBA. Sod's Law of course meant that he promptly moved again (although to a pub, so that's okay). The new new address is The Royal Arms, 38 Bath Road, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, GL10 2JA. Quite what such a mighty bothymonger is doing on the darkest recesses of The Plain is another matter...

Always to the fore with the so-called information super-right-of-way, TAC is pleased to inform cyberbaggers of two interesting Net sites. There is now a hill-related site at (this has some connection with the SMC, and will eventually link into on-line data). More chatty is the uk.rec.walking newsgroup. This appeared as recently as early October, and should be more suited to walkers than is uk.rec.climbing. We ourselves are hoping to soon collect all the TAC / TACit related on-line material into our own homepage; more news on this as and when.

Finally, your Ed left a bag of spare clothes in the Meikle Bin car park (NS672858) on Sun 30/10/95. Anyone find it? I'll buy you a drink!

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