The Angry Corrie 24: Sep-Oct 1995

Mountaineering Melodies No. 16:
In the name of the father

It's coming from the side,
it's coming from the back,
People, multitudes of people,
Walking up the hills... Move Forward!

Black Grape: In the name of the father. 1995

Black Grape are Shaun Ryder's new crew, post-Happy Mondays, so every line in every song is undoubtedly an oblique reference to some illicit substance or other. Rumour has it that Ryder's only mountaineering experience came when he once set off to the Alps for the Petit Dru, having mistakenly thought there was a letter g on the end of it.

Similarly, although Ryder and his bands are instigators of so-called "baggy" pop, the only things they have ever actually bagged are not Munros or Corbetts but small sachets of white powder bought from some dodgy bloke in the toilets at the Hacienda.

Certainly the "band" (who operate a variation of the radio-station "zoo" principle - ie have loads of folk on stage but with very few of them actually doing anything) look very unhilly types - although Ryder does appear to be at least trying, having grown a wispy sort of beard. In truth, as unlikely a group of climbers as you'll ever find: closer to type is the B-side, Land of 1000 Karma Sutra Babes.

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