The Angry Corrie 24: Sep-Oct 1995

Memo From Gairloch Independence Group

MEMO FROM: Gairloch Independence Group
DATE: 15 August 1995
REF: Scottish Islands

Our group is writing to you because your revelations in recent issues of TAC about previously unknown Scottish islands mean that it is only a matter of time before the existence of our island is tumbled upon. We realised that the most effective local councils were the island councils of Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles - the Western Isles gaining independence from Inverness-shire and Ross & Cromarty was a huge step forward.

We are hoping that, with reorganisation of local government imminent, we in Gairloch can achieve island status. This is justified by the fact that the river draining Loch na h-Oidhche splits into two, and flows to the sea by two different routes. There are problems still to be ironed out: Poolewe will be split in two, with those on the east bank left stranded on the mainland, and this may result in local antagonism. In addition, the toll rates on the bridges at the Victoria Falls and Poolewe - should they be at the road-equivalent tariff, MacBrayne-equivalent tariff, or bridge-construction cost recoupment?

We are secretly liaising with other island proto-independence groups, particularly western Galloway: currently there is a team checking whether this is currently an island, or whether a short ditch will have to be dug linking the headwaters of the Cree and Duisk/Stinchar.

The Kintyre independence group is getting quite strong, and there is even talk of the whole area north-west of the Great Glen breaking away as well - which would make us one of the outer isles. Some regret that the Forth-Clyde Canal is no longer complete, but maybe the gaps could easily be re-opened?

We foresee a day when the whole of Scotland becomes a federation of independent island states. If your readers know of any other island groups (in addition to those brought to our attention by TAC) who would be interested in helping form such a federation, then please get in contact with us.

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