The Angry Corrie 24: Sep-Oct 1995

Grant Hutchison's software corner

Global Explorer is one of those nice CD-ROM atlas programs, sufficient to make any cartophile drool. But once you've had your fill of roaming the wastes of Siberia or the back roads of Kenya, you inevitably stray towards your own back yard, just to see how good the local maps are.

Well. Not very good, really. It's a mystery why the boys and girls at DeLorme wanted to mark Balmoral Castle anyway, but mark it they did: way up there above Loch Einich on the Moine Mhor.

But there's something about the idea to please everyone. Anti-royalists will be thrilled at the possibility of the whole dynasty sinking without trace in the midst of that high, boggy wilderness. Royalists will be encouraged by the ready availability of deer for Prince Philip to kill. And any royal baggers will have only a mile to walk and a few hundred feet of ascent to tick off that most remote of tops, Tom Dubh...

(Made by DeLorme Mapping in the USA. Available mail-order through most PC mags. Runs under Windows and requires a 386 or above, a CD-ROM drive, and 4MB RAM. Cost: around 60 inc VAT. Covers the whole world at the above scale, but with a few flaws at present, so perhaps best to await version 2.)

Ed. - Why are all the summits marked by downward-pointing triangles, like they were oceanic depths? The Bhrotain Deeps; the Chalamain Trench... (although that exists already, on wet days).

Grant Hutchison

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