The Angry Corrie 24: Sep-Oct 1995

Calling all Tabulophiles and Cartographical Pedants!

As reported in TAC23, the first two booklets in a series of TACit Tables, The Grahams and the New Donalds and The Murdos, are now available from the usual address for 1.95 each inc p&p (or 3.70 inc p&p the pair). The Grahams and the New Donalds provides listings of two categories of Scottish hill. 224 Grahams between 2000 and 2499 feet, with detailed heights in both metres and feet (updated from the very latest Ordnance Survey data), precise grid references, and relative heights - ie the drop before the next Graham or similar hill. Parallel details are provided for the 118 New Donalds - which, like Tony Blair's "New Labour", completely revamps an old institution - in this case Scottish Lowland hills over 2000 feet.

The Murdos confronts the fact that the original Munro's Tables didn't have any definitive criteria for what constituted a 3000ft hill, whilst all post-Shug revisions have also been based on subjective judgement. The Murdos thus details all 444 Scottish 3000ft tops with drops of at least 30m on all sides. This leads to some surprising deletions and additions. As with The Grahams..., all height/name/gridref data is bang up to date - unlike other Munros-related publications, which use obsolete, idiosyncratic or plain inaccurate information. All listings - compiled by TAC's own Alan Dawson - include separate "top twenties" of the highest hills, both in absolute and relative terms, plus details of hills which miss out by only a small margin.

PC or Mac disks of each booklet are also available. Providing data in Netscape, Excel and plain text formats, these cost 4 a time inc p&p. 10% of all booklet and disk sales will be donated to the John Muir Trust.

Also available, as ever (from House 48, 170 Sandiefield Road, Glasgow G5 0DL):

Walking the Watershed by Dave Hewitt, 240pp, 7.99 (9 inc p&p); Munro's Fables by Grant Hutchison and Chris Tyler, 104pp, 5.99 (6.50 inc p&p); TAC "Killer Sheep" T-shirt, size M, L, XL, 11 inc p&p; six-issue subscription to TAC, 6.

Special offers: Sub + shirt = 14. WtW+shirt+sub = 22. MF+shirt+sub = 20. WtW+MF+shirt+sub = 27.50.

If simply ordering subs or shirts, please write cheque to The Angry Corrie. If books/booklets are involved, make it TACit Press.

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