The Angry Corrie 24: Sep-Oct 1995


Ludwig Zamenhof, who he? Well, he was a Polish physician (1859-1917) and the person who invented Esperanto. But far more significant is the fact of his having 14 letters in his name, all of them different, and thus, in TAC's patented numbering scheme, scores 14:14! Zamenhof (sometimes spelt Samenhof - still okay) thus outdoes the wonderful 13:13 pairing of Greek/ Luxembourg Eurovision songstress Vicky Leandros and current West Indian paceman Courtney Walsh: surely a marriage made in heaven! A near-miss (or near-ms) is Emily Pankhurst: 14:14 on the face of it, but really called Emmeline. She did however have a daughter Christabel - 10:10 9:9. The question now is, are there any 15:15 people? Or a 15:15 place, beating the current title holder, Bricklehampton? Someone out there must know - and anyway, with another hellish Xmas Quiz coming up next issue, it's time to start warming up... (Thanks to James Cunnane and Alan Blanco for mad info.)

TAC has two subscribers named Ian Johnston, one of whom reports finding a pair of binocs on the north side of Schiehallion at NN730563 on Sunday 21st May. Anyone who thinks they might be theirs, phone Ian on 0161-761 6563.

TAC being a walking, rather than climbing, fanzine means it isn't really the place to offer opinions about the recent K2 tragedy. Suffice it to say that your editor checked through the postings in two relevant Internet bulletin boards: the largely American rec.climbing and the British uk.rec.climbing. Whilst the former were furiously bickering and flaming over the ethics of altitude climbing when you have kids, the British version - where many folk presumably knew Alison Hargreaves personally - was simply quiet and sad...

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