The Angry Corrie 23: May-Jul 1995

J'Accuse... Hamish Macbeth

The Scottish Series as we thespians call it has been a fair success for BBC Scotland. Piloting a careful course between the mildewed rocks of Strathblair and the foggy whirlpool of Para Handy, Andrea Calderwood has come up with a decent hour's worth - banishing all memories of her execrable Golden Cagoule venture.

My first intent on seeing the trailers full of Heilan' Coos and Westies was to watch HMacb for the views and try to tolerate the couthy sub-Localheroism. Heartbeat in the heather looked on the cards. This has not been the case. Dark and quirky sides exist to most of the principal characters. The two Lachies in particular reached a high-point, reciting their Spanish tape in the car - Lachie junior recites the English as well: "Miya nama ees Lachie Junior". And of course Robert Carlisle - "greatest actor of his generation", "thinking woman's bannock" etc etc...

There is a slight case of "the Scottish Repertory", but in some cases it is welcome - it's good to see the drummer out of Tutti Frutti again.

So what's our beef? Of what do we l'accuse? A blatant steal from the TAC copyright canon of Murdo Munro c, that's all:

Robert Carlisle is emaciated.
Murdo is emaciated.

Robert Carlisle tokes on joints in the polis back shop with the doc.
Murdo smokes "herbal cigarette" in TAC13.

But for the clincher we had to wait for the last episode:

An ex-military man is leading a bunch of executives up a hill to teach them team spirit. John Ridgway - fair enough, TAC has no copyright on him. But he is wearing a black beret - exactly as drawn by the Swan's fair hand. And what of the dramatic scenes on "McPherson's Point"? Ridgway dangles and attempts are made by himself, then by Hamish - successfully - to cut the rope with a serrated knife. Where did they get this interesting plot twist? TAC12 we allege!!! Ridgway cuts Murdo's c rope with a serrated knife.

Hence J'accuse... Hamish Macbeth.

Perkin Warbeck

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