The Angry Corrie 23: May-Jul 1995


Thomson's Directory

Interesting definition from The Cambridge Encyclopedia - Sheep: A grazing mammal of family Bovidae; may be classified as an antelope. Eh? Surely words redolent of antelope include noble, elegant, leaping, while those pertaining to sheep include woolly, clumsy, stupid. Surely they can't be related?

No Guru, no Method, no Teacher

As our older readers will be aware, ever since the start, TAC's three great no-nos (no-no-nos?) have been no glossiness, no adverts, no humour. We've scant intention of changing these, but passing mention, adwise, goes to reader Chic Sermanni - who drew a Murdo-inspired poster and who runs hang-gliding courses at Lochwinnoch (01505-842480). You wanna fly? Chic's yer mannie!

Charles Stratton / Tom Kite

On a similar flying theme, George Pumffrey of Embra asks if we can help locate two hitchhikers who left an expensive-looking kite in his car on Monday 17th April. If you are they, ring George on 0131-447-8716 and he'll return it. Incidentally, do officially sanctioned kites have kites marks?

Air Lennox

Greetings to Jethro Lennox - TAC's trigophile - who is currently living in Amman (3:5!), Jordan. He tells of getting TAC22 wet in the Dead Sea at minus 1300 feet, and also of the terrible quality of Arabic maps. So praise be to our good old OS - even if they do receive their statutory slagging in this issue!


Brief greetings too to Andrew Dempster, whose new book, The Munro Phenomenon, includes kind words about TAC. No chance to review TMP (PMT backwards!) in this issue, but hopefully next time.

Short hot summer

And next time will be late August, the extra month's gap being one of your editor's occasional - and inevitably unsuccessful - attempts to get a life.

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