The Angry Corrie 22: Mar-Apr 1995

The totally useless equipment guide No. 7:
Big words

TAC regulars will need no reminder that a good supply of really big words is essential before venturing out on the hill. TAC21 alone furnished us with such classics as pursuivant, terpsichorean and the ever-popular zeitgeist. Carefully articulated at regular intervals, such words will keep the user cool in summer, warm in winter, and midge-free at all times.

We have, of course, all heard stories of people who survived for days in a snow-hole, sustained only by such monosyllabic utterances as Oh no! or Help! This sort of tale has given false reassurance to a small minority of hillwalkers who set out, often in atrocious weather conditions, without knowing a single word longer than three syllables, or perhaps equipped with just a few pages torn from a school dictionary. With the increasing availability of cellular telephones, the rescue services now receive many time-wasting calls from walkers who, lost in the mist, find that they cannot even recall such a straightforward phrase as Poucher's much-famed Regard the effulgent iridescence of the circumambient nebulosity.

As a service to its readers, therefore, TAC provides the following ten handy words, together with suggestions for their easy use in a hill setting:

Contubernal (n): The person with whom one shares a tent

If you're going to be my contubernal, you can put those baked beans down right now.

Retrogenuflexophobia (n): A morbid fear of the knees bending backwards

He got a wee touch of the retrogenuflexophobia on the Aggy Ridge. We needed a rope to get him down.

Septentrional (adj): Pertaining or tending to the north

This compass seems to have lost all idea of septentrionalism. Did you leave it on top of the loudspeakers or what?

Smaragdine (adj): Emerald green

So he was completely smaragdine by the time we got him off the Aggy Ridge. Or: Watch and not step on the smaragdine moss. Whoops! Boggy, isn't it?

Pandiculation (n): The involuntary stretching motions associated with yawning

Pandiculate in my ear one more time, and it's the last time you'll be my contubernal.

Retromingent (adj): Capable of urinating backwards

See those one-piece ski-suits? You've got to be bloody retromingent to wear them.

Preantepenultimate (adj): Fourth from last

He wasn't actually on his last legs when we got him down, but he was on his preantepenultimate legs, for sure.

Floccinaucinihilipilification (n): The act of estimating as worthless

She just sits in the pub floccinaucinihilipilifying anything under three thousand feet.

Molendinarious (adj): Pertaining to the arms of a windmill

Just you stand there and go molendinarious with your arms till the helicopter spots us.

Meupareunia (n): A sexual act gratifying to only one participant

(Use of this word is left as an exercise for the interested reader. When you need it, you'll know.)

Grant Hutchison

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