The Angry Corrie 22: Mar-Apr 1995

Ochtendrood, Water In De Sloot...

You read it here first: TAC6 recorded Major's assessment of Kinnock's 1992 election chances: "He has a mountain to climb. He doesn't have a good enough pickaxe, and he doesn't have sharp enough spikes in his boots. He's not going to make it". So, after the recent Allan Stewart affair, might it not have been in the public interest for Strathclyde polis to send a forensics team to Pollok Estate, in search of incriminating crampons?

Apologies for more tyops and miskates than usual in TAC21 - festive chaos seeped into the works somewhere. But whereas promsied is so nice-sounding that we'll probably never use promised again, two other mistakes require righting. Firstly, arch-Marilyner Rowland Bowker hails from Portinscale (11:11!), not the gratuitously-mentioned Cockermouth. And sib-Munros Sgurr Breac and A'Chailleach are still the same way round, with both having shrunk - SB down from 1000m to 999m, AC from 999m to 997m. This remains grim news for the Sic Munroist however (TAC passim), since whereas previously only Sgurr Choinnich stood between SB and AC in Shug's list, they now have 998m Broad Cairn, Ben More Assynt and Stob Diamh instead.

A telling story from Lincolnshire (where sky and Philip Larkin and water meet), with the county's cathedral apparently crumbling after high winds or floods or something. With steeplejacks deemed too expensive, according to several papers, "mountaineers" were called in to inspect the verticalities. But what the papers didn't reveal was that these were really local baggers eager to tick off the highest summit in their 2-D county. Incidentally, there's such a thing as the Lincoln Imp - a gargoyle high in the cathedral rafters - and also, of course, the Hillman Imp (as in Linwood No More). Whaddya make of that then?

TAC's own Alan Dawson (aka Blanco) has produced a comprehensive update sheet to his Relative Hills Marilyn book. This details numerous height changes, renamings, additions and deletions. Anyone desiring a copy should send an A5 SAE (25p) to Alan at 49 Airthrey Avenue, Glasgow, G14 9LY. Or TAC cybernauts can email him at

Thanks to Paul Hesp for Dutchifying parts of TAC22, and for translating the message from the editor of Platvoets on p12. Back to normal next issue - unless we're sent a Belgian, Danish or East Anglian hillwalking fanzine first...

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