The Angry Corrie 22: Mar-Apr 1995

Mountaineering Melodies No. 14: Cowboy Dreams

You're lookin' at a mountain
You're lookin' at The Law
You're lookin' at a six-gun legend
Fastest on the draw...

Jimmy Nail: Cowboy Dreams. 1995

With a face as craggily-featured as Sphinx Rock on Great Gable, we've long suspected the one-time James Michael Aloysius Bradford of being a bit of a hillman. Now here's the proof. And not only that, he appears to be an open-minded, all-inclusive, TAC-friendly hillman at that, regarding Borders / Ochils / Dundee hills named The Law as worthy of true mountain status. The 3rd/4th lines are somewhat more obscure, but refer to OS Sheet 118 (draw / legend), which includes the Marilyn with the shortest name: Gun (also the only hill to have a current chart band named after it). More worrying is another Albion reference when Nail sings: "I wanna be the guy who wears the white hat / And rides across The Plain". But I guess we can forgive him that. Yippi ay oh!

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