The Angry Corrie 22: Mar-Apr 1995

Mountaineering Melodies No. 15: Think Twice

Babe I know it ain't easy
When your soul cries out for higher ground
'Cos when you're halfway up
You're always halfway down...

Celine Dion: Think Twice. 1995

The charts are full of Mountaineering Melodies just now - but whilst this is what we expect from Jimmy Nail (see p9), it's more of a surprise coming from Ms Dion. She is of course the complete physical antithesis of Nail - a super-slick, gown-clad ballad babe, more given to practising her scales like Whitney than to scaling Mount Whitney itself. But, as they say, it takes all sorts. And even though some claim this song is just a rehash of Ken Boothe's Everything I Own, we acknowledge hers as the authentic voice. For who among us hasn't ever turned to their bedraggled companion on some nil-visibility verticality and uttered the timeless worry-cum-plea: "This is getting serious"?

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