The Angry Corrie 21: Jan-Feb 1995

Wildlife Corner No. 6: The Bird

Most people's idea of a fun tape to listen to in the car is Monty Python Live at Drury Lane, or The Very Last Goon Show of all, or some such. Not so TAC worthy Grant Hutchison. As he cruises the byways of Beanoland, anaesthetised from the world in his big white Subaru, his ears are tuned into Teach Yourself Bird Sounds, Number 1: Garden Birds. This, rather like a banjo or guitar tutor, consists of small snippets (good bird-sounding word, snippet) of birdsong, with accompanying sleeve notes giving useful hints to remember them by:

Mistle thrush alarm call - Football rattle
Wren alarm call - Clockwork toy being wound up
Dunnock song - Unoiled trolley wheels
Dunnock alarm call - Squeaky gate hinges
Great tit song - Foot pump
Coal tit song - Bicycle pump
Chaffinch song - Bowler's run-up at cricket
Collared dove song - Football fan endlessly droning "U-ni-ted, Un-i-ted"
Collared dove alighting call - Roll-up party blower

So if you're ever strolling down some Albion country lane when you hear the swish of flannels behind you, watch out - you're about to be buzzed by a chaffinch. One other thought. The recording samples are taken from the wonderfully named British Library Of Wildlife Sounds. If you work there, do you have a Blows job?

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