The Angry Corrie 21: Jan-Feb 1995

Snack Review: "Doing Peaks"

Price: 140 pesetas (roughly 70p, ie pricey) Peso Neto: 30g

Ingredients (their language): Harina de maiz, aceite vegetal, sal, azucar, aroma (queso + bacon), gasificantes (500ii)

Ingredients (our language): Cornflour, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, aromatics (cheese and bacon), gasification (500ii)

Taste (officially): Sabor a queso y bacon (Bacon and maize)

Taste (empirically): Imagine Scampi Fries without the artificial scampi

Shape: A bit like tortilla chips, except more isoceles than equilateral. Claim to be 3-D cone-shaped, but in reality little more than flattened whirlwinds

Consistency: Denser than Quavers - Crochets?!

Slogan: Picar es un placer!

Don't drop litter slogan: No me tire depositeme en una papelera. Gracias!

Blurb: Doing Peaks es "haciendo picos", picos tridimensionales, sabrosos y ruidosos para disfrutar del mas divertido snack de ma!z. Hay quien los come con silenciador, rellenandolos con pate o con crema de avellanas, segun tu gusto

Quantity: Not enough

Made by: 007 Snacks (Gremio Zapateros, 65, Pol. Son Castello, 07009 Palma de Mallorca

Available from: Wee small corner shops in Mallorca

Connection with Doing Peaks in the bagging sense: Unclear

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