The Angry Corrie 21: Jan-Feb 1995

Press cuttings

Editor's Disclaimer

Following recent confusion, Dave Hewitt, Editor of The Angry Corrie, wishes to clarify two matters:

  1. He is not the same David Hewitt whose name appears in the contributors list for the recently-published Collins Encyclopaedia of Scotland, in which reference is erroneously made to the "Inaccessible Peak".
  2. Neither is he the David Hewitt currently appearing on TV as solicitor to one Bruce Grobbelaar, a footballer. He would like to make it clear that he has never - for money or other favours - agreed to "fix" the heights of any hills, in Scotland or elsewhere.

Is that clear?

From the February 1994 edition of Runner's World comes the answer to one of Scotland's most irksome hillwalking dichotomies. Some might call Arrochar's mighty triple-topped peak "Ben Arthur", some might call it "The Cobbler". But from now on, we at TAC know the truth: take a bow Baddha Konasana.

As a prelude to our forthcoming Dutch special issue, this comes from a recent issue of Chess Monthly. Quite whether Corry Vreekan really is named after Europe's second biggest whirlpool - or whether she has merely been reading the Murdo Munro cartoon in TAC 18 and fancied a laugh - is open to question.

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