The Angry Corrie 21: Jan-Feb 1995

Culture! Fashion! Zeitgeist!

One way to spend your lottery winnings: fast cars, Caribbean islands, country estates. But an even better, more enjoyable way: TAC books, T-shirts and subscriptions. So snap up the two TACit Press books - Walking the Watershed by your TAC editor, Dave Hewitt, with pics and maps by Chris Tyler. The story of the first ever traverse of Scotland's Great Divide, from the Border to Cape Wrath - 240pp, 7.99 (9 inc p&p)

"...rejoices my hillgoer's heart" - Hamish Brown in The Scots Magazine "A real gem" - Ed Grindley in High

And Munro's Fables, by Grant Hutchison and Chris Tyler. Wayward adventures with Lachlan McLoughlin - 104pp, 5.99 (6.50 inc p&p)

"Racily entertaining" - The Jester "Weird and wonderful" - Dundee Courier

Also available: "Killer Sheep" T-shirt in hard-wearing M, L or XL - 11 - or 13.50 inc six-issue TAC subscription.

Or... 6 for TAC subscription alone!

Or... 21 for Walking the Watershed, T-shirt and TAC sub!

Or... 19 for Munro's Fables, T-shirt and sub!

Or... 26 for both books, T-shirt and sub!

Available from House 48, 170 Sandiefield Road, Glasgow G5 0DL

Please make cheque payable to The Angry Corrie if order includes a subbie or a shirt, but to TACit Press if buying only books.

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