The Angry Corrie 21: Jan-Feb 1995


Football / hillwalking overlaps, no.277: viewers of the recent Arsenal v Brondby UEFA Cup tie will doubtless have noted the startling late substitution by the Danes. Off went Bjornssen or Andersson or some such, on came the no.15... Bagger!

Oilfield / hillwalking overlaps, no.914: equally eagle-eared newshounds will have noted that the recent oilfield unearthed (or unseaed?) by Shell west of Shetland has been labelled the Foinaven field - presumably beause of its uncertain depth.

With Highlander 3 currently on release, Chris Tyler tells an appropriate tale from Skye. He and his mate Kevin climbed to the Cioch, where they were to be photographed pretend-swordfighting, a la Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery. Chris then planned to draw in swords for a laugh. Except when they shuffled out onto the abyss-hanging rock, what did they find but two plastic kiddies' swords crammed into a crack...

As TAC likes to keep readers abreast (pun very much intended with previous para) of height changes in the hills, one recent piece of OS tinkering should be noted. For as long as maps have existed, the two western Fannaichs, A'Chailleach and Sgurr Breac, have been 999m and 1000m respectively. But now, in a shock move - although one not yet recorded on its 1:50000 sheets - the OS has reduced Breac to 997m, making it the lower of the two hills. Another dreadful blow for the Sic Munroist!

With lottery fever sweeping the country, TAC wonders how the thoughtful hillwalker would spend, say, 17,880,003 pounds. Buy Mar Lodge for the John Muir Trust? Invest in a complete set of OS maps? Write in and let us know what you would do with the dosh.

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