The Angry Corrie 20: Oct-Dec 1994

Weather 'tis nobler...

Readers of TAC 18 will recall how John Henzell suggested a prize be offered for the worst weather forecast spotted in any newspaper. Perhaps because of the quarter-decent summer, entries have hardly poured in, but here is a second bid for stardom by John himself - and one which will take some beating, what with 100% rain / cloud symbols, darkness and high winds.

A further submission, from Gus and the staff at Cotswold Camping in Manchester, was appreciated, but simply wasn't up to the same standard: who are you trying to kid with your Lancastrian sunny intervals and gentle Albion zephyrs?! We all know that Arthur Koestler wrote Darkness at Noon after having bought tickets for each and every day of the 1938 Old Trafford test match.

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