The Angry Corrie 20: Oct-Dec 1994

Stone the crows! Strangle the turkey!
It's time for the TAC Christmas Quiz!

Apart from 8(e), 10(b) and 10(c), all answers concern locations in Scotland.

Winner will be the person with most correct answers by midnight on 31st December 1994. In the event of a tie, a draw will be made. Given the difficulty, it's worth entering, no matter how few answers you know. The quiz will be reprinted in the December issue, ie TAC21, with answers and winners appearing in TAC22. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will, as usual, comprise differing amounts of TAC goodies, plus undying fame.

Entries to: The Angry Corrie, House 48, 170 Sandiefield Road, Glasgow G5 0DL

  1. Where?
    (a) Arrarat Hill?
    (b) Ark Law?
    OS sheets and gridrefs please.
  2. Which vaguely nautical sounding Hebridean Marilyn carries a sign reading: "Turn on lights before ascent"?
  3. Where?
    (a) The Pilot
    (b) Big Hill of the Baing
    (c) The High Tree
    (d) Top of the Battery
    (e) Pendicles of Collymoon
    (f) Glittering Skellies
    (g) Kneedeep
    (h) Straight Step
    (i) Duffdefiance
    OS sheets and gridrefs in each case please.
  4. If you walked from Ca Whims to Bawhelps, in which youth hostel would you most likely spend the night?
  5. What famous Scottish landmark, beloved of many a TAC reader, slopes at an angle of 1 in 86?
  6. Fill in the missing letters, and name the location, of a road sign bearing its own grid reference, ??352906.
  7. Name the odd one out, and why:
    (a) Sgurr Eilde Beag
    (b) Carn an t-Sagairt Beag
    (c) Sgurr Choinnich Beag
  8. What is, or was
    (a) 1011
    (b) 1112
    (c) 1213
    (d) 1314
    (e) 1415 (a clue: this relates to both p2 of this issue, and to question 9 below.)
    (f) 1516
  9. (a) If Edinburgh is 9:9, Coldstream 10:10 and Campbeltown 11:11, which Highland village is 12:12?
    (b) By the same reckoning, which Dumfries and Galloway village is 2:5?
    (c) And which much-loved Munro starts 2:5?
  10. (a) Which OS Landranger sheet contains a Region with only one building, a Region with no buildings, and no other Regions?
    (b) If England = 108, Wales = 25 and the Isle of Man = 1, what does Scotland equal, and why?
    (c) Fill in the missing numbers: 16 20 79 80 _ 99 104 109 118 _ 129 154 184

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