The Angry Corrie 20: Oct-Dec 1994

Press cuttings

An odd story from the Daily Record back in the spring. It appears that whereas most people aspire toward upward mobility, this Scots couple - fully paid-up members of the Branch Bothidian no doubt - seem to be over the moon about their decline in fortunes.

FROM ITS EARLIEST DAYS, TAC has suffered from plagiarism and uncredited idea-pinching by those who earn their living by writing about (or in) The Great Outdoors for the armchair enthusiast. We are of course quite happy for our epoch-making ideas to be taken up and presented to a wider audience, whilst having sadly learnt not to expect any acknowledgement of the original inspiration.

Yet more evidence of this practice was on view recently in a London-based broadsheet article extolling the benefits of wearing sandals for walking rather than boots. The advantages of cool, non-blistered feet, the lack of sweaty socks and the superior stream-crossing capabilities are described in terms which will seem old hat - or old sock - to those acquainted with Val Hamilton's advocacy of the flip-flop in TAC11. Of course, The Telegraph being an ABC1-targeted newspaper, the footwear in question has to be a bit more upmarket. And let's face it, there's not much profit to be made from free sample flip-flops. Hence the designer flip-flops reviewed here range in price from 22.50 to 39.95, with lines like: "At 29.95 they're not expensive".

What next? We quite expect to hear that Health Care International will be marketing the Bolt-On(tm) Skull Plating Kit (see TAC19) for use by NHS patients in their Clydebank waiting room...

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