The Angry Corrie 19: Jul-Sep 1994

Cairn chat (letters)

Dear TAC,

I was shocked and outraged on seeing TAC18, p16, to read about the "discovery of an electric bum on Arran". This is an offence to innocent eyes. I know there is a breast on the north ridge of Goat Fell, but when I went up there with friends some years ago, they managed to distract my eyes to avoid shocking my young mind. I can't believe TAC has stooped this low.

Further down under Fun = ma (doubtless another bit of cryptic lewdness), it's mentioned again, saying " a bum will experience gravitational force". This is just too much! The only gravitational force I know of, applying to a bum, is my girlfriend's when I push her onto my bed, but we do that in the decency and privacy of our own room.

Please get this filth out of TAC at once and clean up your act.

Yours, in embarrassment,

Andrew Rhodes Smiley Evans


Dear TAC,

I always wondered where Jim Jardine got the title Physics is Fun from - it obviously comes from Fun = ma and not from the contents of the book. Fun = ma is Newton's 2nd Law, not his 3rd. The little-known Newton's 4th Law is useful for swotting smart-arse pupils: "Because I am a physics teacher, I can start a sentence with the word because".

All the best,

Ed Grindley

Fort William

Dear TAC,

Apologies for not having been in touch since TAC1. Glad to see your magazine is still thriving.

With regard to your TAC18 front cover picture, surely if the Celtic were ever to build their Cambuslang stadium in Glencoe, the dear old Jungle would have to be renamed the "Three Sisters of Mercy Stand"? Sack the board!

Awra best!

Feargal O'Fenian,

Dunira St, Comrie

Dear TAC,

On the Mabores Challenge, I seriously doubt any hill in Scotland can begin to compete with some of the "Nuttalls" in Wales. Pointing some of us English hordes in that direction should at least quieten the A74 of a Friday night, although the Welsh may not be too thrilled.


Andy Archer


Ed. - If the biggest hills in Scotland are called Munros, then perhaps the highest in Englandandwales could acquire the name Nuttalls Mintoes?

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