The Angry Corrie 18: Apr-Jun 1994


Life imitates art, yet again. No sooner does TAC question how long it would be before Jeremy Beadle started camcordering climbers falling off crags, than he actually goes and does it! Graham Pearson, watching Boredom's About back in February, witnessed someone abseiling down a cliff only to crash bottomlong into the ground. The poor victim 'only' hurt his back, yet still had to endure national guffawing at his misfortune.

The answers to the TAC Xmas quiz included an appeal to anyone who knew of a Brian lurking on a Scottish map. Step forward, Brian Choille, gridref NN066846, OS Sheet 41. Thanks to Grant Cornwallis for that. (If the location had been in Glen Roy as opposed to the actual Glen Loy, the scorer of the recent Dutch winner at Hampden would have been in evidence.) Stephen Pounder suggested Mullach a'Bhrian Leitir, NH275933, OS Sheet 20. But when did you ever hear of a cricketer called Bhrian Bhrain?

Following the TAC17 front cover Lillehammer reference, thanks to the ubiquitous Alan Blanco for pointing out another linguistic nuance. Sgurr nan Ceathreamthnan has long been one of the most difficult hills both to say and to spell, hence the widely-known approximation Sgurr nan Chrysanthemum. Indeed, your editor's upcoming book (plug, plug) includes a chapter entitled Chrysanthemum and Cheesecake. But isn't it high time we switched to Sgurr Nancy Kerrigan? All we would then need would be a Ben Tonya Harding, or - slightly more likely - a Torr Mhuill an Dian.

The observant amongst you will note TAC18 covers the period Apr-Jun, not the expected Apr/May. This isn't a clever way of offsetting the mysterious disappearance of Nov 1992, simply a signal that the next two TACs will cover three- rather than two-month periods. Your editor is slowly recovering from a bout of ill-health, and needs, as they say, a little personal space. Hopefully readers will understand. Subscriptions won't be affected - the six issues will simply be spread over 14 months rather than 12. Normal service will be resumed in the autumn - but, meantime, TAC19 will appear mid- July, TAC20 mid-October. Here ends your public service announcement.

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