The Angry Corrie 16: Dec 1993-Jan 1994

Yo! It's the TAC Christmas Quiz!

It's that time again. Following the astounding success of our previous two festive puzzlers, the first all-correct (or nearest all-correct) entry drawn out of the chalk bag on Hogmanay will receive a TAC subscription, a TAC T-shirt and a copy of Munro's Fables! Wow! Second prize is any one of the above three items. Usual rules apply: anyone who already knows both the editor and the answers needn't apply

1. If a "map top" is the highest point on any given OS 1:50 000 Landranger map, which seven Scottish hills have the distinction of being double map tops?

2. Which is the lowest Scottish map top?

3. What connects The Bochel (491 m, NJ233233 near Tomintoul) with Cruim Leacainn (228m, NN164805 near Fort Wiliam)?

4. Which is the only Munro to appear on three separate 1:50 000 maps - and which maps are they?

5. Give examples and grid refs for Scottish hills containing the following names:

(i) Fiona
(ii) Dave
(iii) Sean
(iv) Ron
(v) Roy
(vi) Ian
(vii) William
(viii) Len
(ix) Val
(X) Vic

6. Which is the most northerly Scottish hill to carry a view indicator marked with an English hill?

7. Let X equal the total of the digits of the height of a hill in metres,
and let Y equal the total of the digits of the height of a hill in feet,
and let Z = X +Y

Eg for Mount Everest:

X = 28 (ie 8 + 8 + 4 + 8),
Y=21 (ie 2+9+0+2+8)
hence Z = 49 (ie 28 + 21)

Which Scottish hill has a Z of 50? - ie higher than Everest?

8. Why has a Venezuelan violinmaker been in the mountaineering news recently?

9. According to current graffiti on its roadsigns, which Perthshire village is "Twinned with Trumpton"?

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