The Angry Corrie 16: Dec 1993-Jan 1994


Whilst TAC has always prided itself on being widely read, our boundaries have recently stretched further than ever...

Far off places, No. 1

First came the arrival of a cheque f rom someone in Birmingham. What's unusual about that, you may ask? - nothing exotic has occurred in Brum since the late-lamented Laurie Cunningham jinked down the wing for West Brom. But the subbie came from Birmingham... Alabama.

Far off places, No. 2:

Then there is the fact that TAC through the electronic ether by way of Glasgow Uni's on-line information service, GLANCE ( A perk of this is that anyone clocking-on can be noted. Hence TAC now serves not only Clermiston, Strathaven and Balmaha, but also Germany, Sweden and Canada.

Derek Keith of angling action group SCAPA informs us of a successful event at the Pots of Gartness salmon leap on 17th October, after the local laird had physically harassed a perfectly legal group of visitors, including children, a week earlier. The laird complained about people using the Pots for 'having sex, taking drugs and causing damage I . Good to see sex up there on the illicit slate: we're long overdue a return to Victorian values.

In TAC13 we reviewed MunroMania, a boardgame made by WildWare of Oxford. (or should that be OxFord?) Whilst singing its praises, we expressed disappointment over the quality of one of the die supplied: its sun, snow and sheep symbols rubbed of at the first hint of sweaty-palmed excitement. But we're now informed that the quality of said cuboid has improved - so why not treat someone for Christmas. ... (WildWare, 32 Cricket Rd, Oxford OX4 3DG).

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