The Angry Corrie 16: Dec 1993-Jan 1994

.. Are Glens Electric?

In light of recent discussion about so-called "Electric" lochs and rivers (see TAC12, p16 and TAC15, p4), it may be of interest that an Electric Glen has now also been discovered. If you can bear to drag yourself away from the Munros, Corbetts and Donalds for an afternoon, and live anywhere near central Scotland, take a hike up Lendrick Hill in the Lesser Ochils, east of the Dunning-Yetts o'Muckhart road.

But before starting off, glance at Sheet 58 and guess which way the South Queich flows. Then slant up the grassy path south-eastward from Myrehaugh and have a look at the visible evidence...

The glen is extremely odd: broad, spacious and populated at its upper end, narrow, rocky and barren at the lower - all of which makes the actual river appear to be flowing the wrong way. The entire party noted this on the day of the official editorial visit, and the impression was sustained for half an hour or more of the walk. Well worth a visit.

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