The Angry Corrie 15: Oct-Nov 1993

White Squares

The adjacent cutting comes from The Grauniad, 27/8/93. It would appear that for all their woolly-hatted, woolly-minded liberalisation, the paper's readership know something we don't. While we've been floundering about, searching in vain for the perfect White Square on every OS map in Creation, their boring whereabouts have been glaringly obvious all along, staring us in the face if only we had eyes to see. Quite why the squares have been miniaturised from 1k to 1m (there can be no "perhaps" about it) remains unclear - as does the worrying involvement of the police. But some diligent TAC reader will surely now locate one of these squares north of the Border - maybe on the M8, M9, or even the new M74, whereupon the mystery will be solved and we can all sleep easy in our beds once again. Danke schon Dr Vanke!

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