The Angry Corrie 15: Oct-Nov 1993

Two poems by Hugh Tooby

Derry Lodge (Ruined and Regained)

Inside its steam, fug and smelly primus.
Does she, doesn't she and does it matter?
Petty quibbles and barbed remarks
Vainglorious talk covers inglorious inadequacies
And the kettle needs filling......
Outside is cold clear, the Lui babbles by,
Cold shock of water on hands,
Pinpoint stars in a dark sky
And the slightest stir in the pines
Of a cleansing wind.

The Einich Pine

Soft shafts of evening sun
backlight the lone pine
in a field of heather
at the edge of the stones.
This pine stands alone
itself complete
not striving, just being.
Ancient peace.
And pines stand
for what should have been left
and what might yet be.
Pines and peace grow slowly.

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