The Angry Corrie 15: Oct-Nov 1993

The Wild Stalker

(to the tune of 'The Wild Rover')

I've been a deer stalker for many a year
And I've spent all my money on slaughtering deer
But now I'm returning with blood on my hands
And until next deer season I'll make other plans


And it's no nay never
No nay never no more
Will I have a clear conscience
No never no more
I went to a bothy I used to frequent
But it was full of walkers, away I was sent
I don't like to be made to look like a clown
So I brought a bulldozer and shut the hut down


One day I shot deer in a fine Highland glen
I was having an excellent time until when...
A group of hillwalkers did walk up the track
So I told them: '**** off and don't ever come back!'


I have to admit I like slaughtering deer
And I never would miss the grouse season, no fear
There's just one thing I would rather do without fail
But to shoot at hillwalkers means long years in jail!


Graham R Pearson

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