The Angry Corrie 15: Oct-Nov 1993

Mountaineering Melodies No. 11:
I'll find my way home

You ask me where to begin
Am I so lost in my sin?
You ask me where did I fall?
I'll say I can't tell you when
But if my spirit is lost
How will I find what is near?
Don't question I'm not alone
SomehowI'll find my way home...

Jon and Vangelis: I'll find my way home, 1981

Eternal optimists, these guys. Reality suggests they've about as much hill-sense as a pair of fenceposts. Let's consider the evidence: (i) the longhaired twosome appear not to know from which car park to set off; (ii) they promptly lose their way - unsurprising given (i) above; (iii) they're lucky to survive a fall down some undescribed slope; and (iv) they then make weak excuses about how much worse it would had been had they been alone. Surely the only method of finding a way home after all this is with the help of the local Mountain Rescue Team. In the case of Jon Anderson this is to be expected, the former Yes frontman having spent his formative years wandering stone circles reading aloud from Tolkein. But the little-known hillwalking side to the Big Greek meant he ought to have known better. Anyone familiar with the SMC Journal Munro-Compleationists list will be aware of two numbers left nameless. No.276 was chosen to represent "The Unknown Munroist" - ie those who couldn't be arsed submitting their names - whilst 666 was also omitted, out of superstitious prurience. But what, pray, has this to do with Vangelis Papathanassiou? Simple. Firstly, he's the "composer" of the crap BBC snooker music, entitled "To the Unknown Man". And during his less-than-legendary liaison with fellow Big Greek Demis Roussos - in a band called Aphrodite's Child - they released an album entitled "666". But then SMC members, secret or otherwise, never were that good when it came to actually climbing hills...

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