The Angry Corrie 15: Oct-Nov 1993


TAC is always interested to discover famous or not-so-famous people named after Scottish hills (see the lists of boxers, footballers, etc in previous issues). Hence ears pricked up when the starting line-up for a heat of the men's 800m in the recent World Athletics Championships included an Italian called Benvenuti. Sad to say, it proved something of a Loch Ard luck story, as he pulled up with a torn Achilles after only 300m - but at least this won't get him banned as did the recent drug-taking activities of his near-neighbour Loch Katrina Krabbe.

Less famous (to us at least), but with an equally interesting name, is Steve Eglen - recent TAC subscriber and co-sub-editor of the Munro Pineapple Society's First Annual Journal. (For MPS info, see pp6-7 of this issue and letters pages passim.) His name will be of immediate interest to the more computer-literate out there, who will doubtless have encountered the electronic mailing system email. Now, it seems Steve wants to take this a stage further, and is given to visiting his glens from the comfort of a VDU chair. How much longer, we ask, before someone comes up with ebagging and ebothying? It would certainly go a long way toward solving the erosion/litter problems on real, non-digitised hills.

Munrology. As part of our occasional series on the mystical appearance of the number 914 in appropriate places, has anyone else noticed that if you go to your local library (should such a place still exist in these privatised times), any book on hillclimbing is liable to have deweydecimaled onto its spine the number... Yes, you've guessed it. Weird

For all the banter, it's not often we feel compelled to pass comment on specific items in the glossy hillwalking magazines. But the October issue of The Great Outdoors contains an article on Chris Nicholls, the poor soul who spent five nights last winter stranded on Slioch before crawling down to have all ten of his frostbitten toes amputated. As subject matter, this is fair enough in itself - but surely more than a few people will have baulked at one of accompanying pictures. No, not the grim one showing Chris's blackened toes, but the crassly exploitative one showing him sitting up in his hospital bed reading, surprise surprise, TGO. Come on McNeish & Co., get a grip. Filling your magazine with genuine adverts is one thing, but using the misfortunes of others for commercial pointscoring...? Should TAC ever descend to such cheap tabloidery, please feel free to bombard us with sackloads of abuse.

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