The Angry Corrie 14: Aug-Sep 1993

The Destructive Effects of Computers

Following on from his own short story - The Book and the Walk, see TAC10, pp4-6 - Grant Hutchison writes:

Enclosed is an example of the destructive effects of computers on the human mind. Basically, I just wanted to learn a bit about Excel, so that I wouldn't need to bluff so much when the secretary asked me about it. So I needed some data, which I imported from an old dBase file of Munros. Then I thought, I could draw a map with this... The final, entirely pointless result is a map of Lachlan's alphabetical Munros trip. Which works out to be 17,000km as the crow flies. Must be double that on the ground. Jeez.

Lachlan's Trachlin'

To which Lord David of Gower responds:

At risk of slightly overcooking the cricket / hills balance in this particular TAC, it has to be said that, impressive-looking though it may be, Lachlan's Map is familiar to students of Albion's green and pleasant game. As will doubtless become apparent on comparing and contrasting below, it closely resembles - plagiarises even - the type of stroke diagram employed by Wisden et al to depict a notable innings - in this case my stately 215 against the Australian tourists at Edgbaston 1985 (back in the days when I was actually picked for England). Cricketoramas such as this obviously stem from twin foci - the opposing wickets - rather than Lachlan's sequential effort, but the ensuing muddle looks much the same.

Lord Gower's 215

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