The Angry Corrie 14: Aug-Sep 1993


It so happened that both TAC high heijins were in Skye at the start of June - as, coincidentally, were most of their scant band of friends. And from one of these comes a reported sighting of the bagger mentioned in TAC13, he who has sensibly devoted his life to a compleation of Sir Shug's list in reverse order of height. The sighting took place on the airy slabs of Sgurr Mhic Coinnich, 948m high and no.66 in the upside-down list.Next up come Mealls Gorm and Chuaich, although by the time this goes to press he may well be back on the Misty Isle for the fortuitously adjacent Gillean and Banachdich. For more updates, watch this space: ETA Ben Nevis, TAC37?

On the subject of bagging behaviour, a copy of the Boots Across Scotland souvenir booklet recently fell into your Ed's grubby Dachsteins. All very interesting, and not a few TAC subscribers mentioned in dispatches. But wouldn't it be harder, next time, to attempt a No Boots Across Scotland? Ie, at an agreed time on an agreed day, say between midday and 1pm one sunny Saturday, serious effort would be made to have no-one anywhere near the summit of any Munro in the land Quite how this would be verified is open to debate - but we suspect the real BAS feat of failing only by two would be damn hard to beat. Perhaps His Grace the Duke of Atholl could lend a hand with the logistics.

A recent sunny-veering-to-crap day on Sgurr na h'Ulaidh was enlivened by arriving at the summit to find a pair of boots impaled, Vlad-like, on adjacent fenceposts. They were old but not, as far as could be seen, overly worn. Nor was there a note suggesting reasons why. Who, we ask, would want to voluntarily head downhill in their baffies on a dreich summer's day? And why did it seem so unsurprising at the time? Just, perhaps, another version of Boots Across Scotland...?

News that the National Trust for Scotland have purchased part of Affric Estates is accompanied by the two main payees being cited as the Chris Brasher Trust and "an anonymous donor. So look out for officers of the Serious Fraud Squad skulking along the ridges next time you visit Mam Sodhail during the stalking season.

Does anyone ever peruse our Outlets columns? Not many jokes there. But if so, you'll note that TAC-vending stalwarts, Munros, formerly of Broughty Ferry, have moved further up-Tay to Aberfeldy - presumably to be nearer a few of their eponymouses. So next time you're passing through Birksville, why not pop in and buy a goretex sock or a lycra waterbottle or something?

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