The Angry Corrie 13: Jun-Jul 1993

Eight differences between Corbett Baggers and Carpet Baggers

  1. A Corbett baggeed will not fit in a carpet bag
  2. A Carpet Bagger is a financial adventurer, a Corbett Bagger is a bored adventurer
  3. Corbetts are listed in a dull book, carpets are also found lying on the floor
  4. Corbetts are not named after the Jim Corbett who shot Indian tigers and turned them into carpets
  5. Corbetts are measured in feet, carpets in square yards and baggers in pairs of boots
  6. No self-respecting Corbett Bagger carries a carpet bag
  7. Corbetts are high and muddy, carpets are flat and furry
  8. Corbetts are made for sheep, sheep are made into carpets

Donald Faulds

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