The Angry Corrie 13: Jun-Jul 1993


Life imitates art No. 1

Following Grant Hutchison's fictional account of a bagger attempting all the Munros in alphabetical order (see TAC10, pp4-6), we hear tell of strange behaviour up in Aberdeen. Here lives a man who, having already compleated (sic) three rounds of Sir Shug's ubiquitouses, has apparently scratched his head and come up with the bright idea of doing them all again, only in reverse order of height. This would, of course, interpose Ben Avon between Stobinian / Ben More, Carn Eighe between Beinn Mheadhoin / Beinn a'Bhuird, etc etc. Poor soul. Sic indeed.

TAC readers - especially those living south of Hadrian's demarkation zone - have long become attuned to referring to the Land of Those Who Govern Us as Albion's Plain. This is to be lauded, but special mention must be made of new subscriber John Henzell, who describes the area around the Black Heart itself as "Straththames". This, it will be noted, is surely the only word in the Albion language to contain two consecutive THs. Anthony Burgess eat your heart out!

So farewell then, Glasgow Survival Shop. Your editor trailed dutifully up Buchanan St with his bundle of TAC12s, only to find the door shuttered, windows covered in notices apologising for another victim of recessionitis. Ex-staff, if you're out there, thanks and all the best. Some of us will miss the khaki-lit basement hung with all kinds of menacing militaria - Uzi tentpegs and Kalashnikov gaiters: not so much Santa's Grotto as a kind of SAS Grotto.

Life imitates art No. 2

Additional to her piece on the page opposite, Val Hamilton writes enclosing this cutting from the Yorkshire Post - which links her previous article with the recent Elbrus escapade.

"Once we got there we knew we were safe," said Dr Milledge.
He added that their guide walked through knee-deep snow for three days in plastic flip flops after abandoning his uncomfortable skiboots.

"I had this desperate, guilty image", she writes, "of some poor Russian guide, with a less than perfect command of English, getting hold of a copy of TAC11 and not understanding the disclaimer about not wearing flip-flops in winter conditions. But apart from that it does seem rather to prove my point!"

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