The Angry Corrie 13: Jun-Jul 1993

And they call it democracy... Tilting the balance

Given that Jimmie Macgregor has recently lost his Gathering, it's maybe about time TAC acquired one, at least for a day. Readers will doubtless be aware of recent pronouncements by the Duke of Atholl - the only person in Britain apart from the "queen" to be allowed a private army - that he wishes to close the Minigaig pass to you the public. This timehonoured right-of-way runs from the Duke's doorstep at Blair Atholl some 25 miles to Tromie Bridge near Kingussie. "Walkers have the A9 nowadays" says the Duke, thus disproving once and for all any scurrilous suggestions of aristocratic inbreeding and imbecility.

So howabout a mass walk through all or some of the pass by TAC readers? This would be good, not only to show the so-called powers-that-be what for, but also simply as a day out and a chance for some like minds to get together. Details and feasibility still vague as yet - we're intending linking with the Scottish Rights of Way Society, as it's their baby even if it's everyone's bathwater. But hopefully during July/August sometime, depending when folk can make it. If you're interested, or have some better idea, contact TAC and leave us your address and, if possible, phone number. We'll get back to you with details. Hope to see you soon!

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