The Angry Corrie 11: Feb-Mar 1993

TAC Festive quiz - answers and winners!

Well, better than last year in that there were actually some entries this time. And what's more, we've got several lucky winners (luck being the operative word). First prize goes to a Fifer, Tom Orr from Crail, with 5.5 points, closely followed by a Bishopbrigadier, Gary Bain, on 4.5. Highland region's only entrant, David Summers frae Invershnectie, receives a special lifetime achievement award for ten incorrect answers, virtually all of which made your editor laugh. Alan Dawson won the Boring-Squares quiz with an all-correct entry, but that's the kind of guy he is, so we'll make no more mention of that. Alans must be particularly boring, as the aptly-named Alan Bowring from Leek in Vegetableshire also almost got the Squares all-correct, apart from confusing his eastings with his northings on a flat bit of Tiree. This still wins him a T-shirt however, especially since he pointed out that the new Irish OS maps include some totally blank squares...

1. If one was to run a marathon, starting at the Rowardennan carpark and heading for the southside of Glasgow via the normal metalled route (i.e. Balmaha, Drymen, Bearsden, Anniesland Cross, Clyde Tunnel), where would the finish line be?

It's always difficult to measure these things precisely (unless you use a 'Jones counter', whatever that is) but your editor's attempt at accurate empiricism suggested the line to be in the very bottom of the tunnel. Quite how many of the imaginary runners could still, after 26.2 miles, be capable of exceeding the Tunnel's 8 mph minimum speed limit begs another question...

2. Name shared by an Indian city on the fringe of the Himalaya and an Ayrshire mining village on the fringe of Galloway?

Not Dalyeti Bay as suggested by Mr Summers, but Patna.

3. Which city could be called Aberfoyle?

Londonderry, at the mouth of the River Foyle.

4. Where, In the Highlands, other than Glen Coe, are there hotels named The Clachaig and The Kingshouse approx. 9 miles apart?

Depends how much you've had to drink. If sober, then Killin and the road junction east of Balquhidder should do the trick.

5. Which word connects an Aberdeen - and erstwhile Dundee Utd - striker and a hill in southern Scotland.

Interesting this, as several folk got the right player for the wrong reason. The striker was Davie Dodds, he so bonny as to give rise to the cheery away-supporters' chant 'Davie Dodds, the Elephant Man'. And as all Twin Peakies will know, the Elephant Man's real name was John Merrick. And the highest of all hills in southern Scotland is not called John. Anyone who suggested 'Dod' as being a generic Border hillname got a point for trying.

6. How many toes does Reinhold Messner have?

How long is a piece of string? We had the beardie recluse as retaining four pedi-digits, but others seem authoritatively sure he has both more or less. Hence any answer between none and ten would have done, although eleven is pushing it a bit.

7. According to the memorial on top of Cairnsmore of Fleet, how many planes have crashed and how many airmen died on the hill?

In the Spirit of the Quiz, your editor mislaid the scrunched up bit of paper on which he had scribbed this answer. But he seems to recall it was Planes 8, Bodies 29, sad to say. And no, the hill isn't named after the number of warships to have run aground on it.

8. In the famous edition of the late Russell Harty's chatshow when he was physically assaulted by Grace Jones, who was the other hillwalking-related guest?

Bizarrely, it was old makeup features himself, Walt Poucher - a fantastic piece of programme-planning. Whether any combination of Walt, Russell and the Bond girl got off with each other after the show remains shrouded in Cyclopean mists.

9. The shortest variant of the tourist path onto which popular Munro includes a 25' vertical metal ladder?

No, not Carn Liath in the Ladder Hills - it isn't a Munro, silly. Try Cruachan up through the woods and see what happens when you arrive beneath the dam.

10. Who was the highest person in Britain the night of 10th June 1990?

Your editor, atop the Ben, and bloody cold it was too! He was also for several hours the highest paid person in Britain. Those were the days...

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