The Angry Corrie 10: Dec 1992-Jan 1993

Quick! Hide! It's Christmas Quiz time again!

Those of you with memories stretching as far back as this time last year may recall TAC running a Christmas Quiz, with Fabulous Prizes. The more observant among you may also have noticed we neither gave out the correct answers nor announced the winners. This was, surprise, surprise, because no-one sent in any entries at all. Not one! Yet had someone done so, and even had all bar one of their answers been wildly wrong, they would have waltzed away with the loot. But no-one did, so in these recessionary times we held over not only these selfsame Fab Prizes, but some of questions too!

The draw, as ever, will be made at the Bells on Hogmanay. The first all-correct (or nearest to all-correct) entry pulled out of the bivvybag will receive one year's free subscription to TAC, plus one of the following: a new-style "Nyaff Nyaff" Murdo T-shirt (see p13 for details), an old-style "World Tour" T-shirt, or a priceless and rare Murdo sweatshirt. (State size in each case.)

The second prize is one of the aforementioned garments, while the third is just a subbie, tough cheddar. Entries to the usual address: TAC, House 48, 170 Sandiefield Road, Glasgow G5 ODL, to arrive no later than 30/12/92. Editors and employees of TAC, together with family and friends of Murdo Munro and the mysterious Sally Forth, needn't bother entering unless they're very devious about it.

  1. If one was to run a marathon, starting at the Rowardennan carpark and heading for the southside of Glasgow via the normal metalled route (i.e. Balmaha, Drymen, Bearsden, Anniesland Cross, Clyde Tunnel), where would the finishline be?
  2. Name shared by an Indian city on the fringe of the Himalaya and an Ayrshire mining village on the fringe of Galloway?
  3. Which city could be called Aberfoyle?
  4. Where in the Highlands, other than Glen Coe, are there hotels named The Clachaig and The Kingshouse approx. 9 miles apart?
  5. Which word connects an Aberdeen - and erstwhile Dundee Utd - striker and a hill in southern Scotland?
  6. How many toes does Reinhold Messner have?
  7. According to the memorial on top of Caimsmore of Fleet, how many planes have crashed and how many airmen died on the hill?
  8. In the famous edition of the late Russell Harty's chatshow when he was physically assaulted by Grace Jones, who was the other hillwalking-related guest? (Easy if you taped the recent TV Hell .)
  9. The shortest variant of the tourist path onto which popular Munro includes a 25' vertical metal ladder?
  10. Who was the highest person in Britain the night of 10th June 1990?

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