The Angry Corrie 10: Dec 1992-Jan 1993

Press cuttings

Dear TAC,

Enclosed copy from What's on TV: Muriel visits Knoo. Could this be Ben Knoo, an unknown Munro or Corbett, or K-Noo (2nd highest mountain)? Possibly used to be K-Now? Perhaps it's not a hill at all and Muriel was so pissed off with the weather that she cancelled a climb and headed for some rave under the name of Knoo. Could the initials stand for something?


David Downey,


Ed. - And then there's K-Tel, a selection of all your Christmas favourite hills not available in any shop. Or kd lang, highest peak on the island of Lesbos, otherwise known by its Gaelic name beinn d fhada. Or Knoo Stark, Randy Andy's ex. Or even weel-kent tmesic movie star, K Ris Krisfuckinstofferson...

...and then there's this submission from Moray Mountain Sports in Forres, suggesting W.L.Gore & Associates, for all their multinational status, still keep the interests of humble Munrobaggers at heart by churning out quantities of their eponymous fabric in 914m rolls:

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