The Angry Corrie 10: Dec 1992-Jan 1993

Mountaineering Melodies No. 8: Home

The life we live is tricky tricky
I love my home and my family
Who's gonna love you when the mountain gets steep?
We're gonna make it - in a jeep.

Iggy Pop: Home, Osterberg Music 1990

The conventional image of Iggy Pop is of a debauched drugcrazed Godfather of punk, an alcohol-sodden wreck prone to amphetamine-fired frenzies on stage, a depraved monster on Rock 'n' Roll's seamier side. Nothing could be further from the truth. When not cavorting half-naked in front of thousands of fellow degenerates, there's nothing Iggy likes better than to slip into his thermal underwear, scrape the grit out of the tread of his walking boots and get out there for a bracing day on the hills. Far from charging round the Mamores in one day fuelled by a cocktail of cocaine and Ecstasy, Iggy favours muesli trailbars and Kendal Mint Cake. On a recent trip (no pun intended) to Scotland, Iggy explored the Cairngorms and penned a thoughtful letter about path erosion to the Secretary of State for Scotland. Unconventionality does creep in however. He's been seen attempting the traverse of the Cuillin Ridge in a 4-wheel-drive vehicle, and the lyrics of the above song have caused the Ramblers' Association to suspend his membership pending an enquiry.

Ted Eames

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