The Angry Corrie 9: Sep-Oct 1992

Wha's Wha

Following recent correspondence in TAC over the identities of such great mountain personalities as Ordnance Survey, Graham R. Pearson thinks the following extracts from Wha's Wha may be of interest to readers:

Shuggie Munro compiled a list of 3000' summits for the purpose of bagging them.

Ronnie Corbett was too short to climb Munros. Instead he compiled his own list of smaller peaks which even someone of his height could get up. (There's more than enough heightism on pp16-17, thank you - 6'8" Ed.)

Donald Duck was too lazy and unfit to climb Munros or Corbetts. He compiled his own list of minor lumps within one hour of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Ordnance Survey drew excellent maps for hillwalkers. A chronic bagger, Ordnance Survey did not confine himself to the above-mentioned 'Tables'. Instead, he simply climbed every peak in sight. Due to his over-ambitiousness, Ordnance did not come close to his target of climbing every peak, from rocky mountain to molehill, in Britain.

Bart Simpson produced the rival Bartholomew's map series. Although suitable for cross-country skateboarding, these maps have insufficient detail for walkers.

'Trig' Point was another chronic bagger. He and Ordnance Survey went walking together. Instead of simply ticking off peaks in a book, Trig would mark his conquests by leaving a large block of concrete on the summit. He and Ordnance would then carve their names on the block. Space was left for other baggers to add their names, but the idea failed to catch on.

(c) Wha's Wha 1992

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