The Angry Corrie 8: Jul-Aug 1992

Sounds familiar...? The Langcraigs Club's attempt on Stob Fear-Tomhais

If you were asked to list a Richter Scale of 1-10 for a bad day on the hills, it may run something like this:

  1. Wet
  2. Wet and windy
  3. Wet, windy and cloudy
  4. Very wet
  5. Very wet and windy
  6. Very wet, windy and cloudy
  7. 6 + leader taking wrong path
  8. 7 + burns in spate across path
  9. 8 + route blocked by Deer Park
  10. 9 + route further blocked by new forestry fence

Well, this walk rated 11 due to the fact that we weren't even sure we made it to the top. Best summed up as we came, but we didn't see anything and we didn't conquer Stob Fean Tomhais either. It can't be that wet again - please!

N.B. - Certain club members graded it as a 12, but it wasn't my Volvo that got stuck in the mud.

Patricia M Barrie
Alastair Boyd

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