The Angry Corrie 8: Jul-Aug 1992

Mountaineering Melodies No. 6:
When heart is open

Oh hand me down my big boots
I believe I'll go walking...

Van Morrison: When heart is open, 1980

So it would seem that besides walking down Cypress Avenue to lay 10/1 bets on Lester Piggott, along streets all wet with rain to meet John Donne, T.S.Eliot and Rambo down by the pylons, and out to Coney Island to liberate goldfish, Van the Man also finds time to pull on a pair of Raichles and head for the summits. Another lyric from the same period supports this: '...and I will do my jig / among the rolling hills...'.

But questions must be asked. Doubt must be cast. All empirical evidence suggests the owner of the mightiest voice in Christendom rarely ventures far outwith the mystic triangle formed by recording studio, pub and little pasta house down on the corner. Put kindly, and to use the in-vogue vocabulary of political correctness, he's aesthetically, corporeally and aerobically challenged. Or put less kindly, as is TAC's wont, he's puddingfaced, fat and so unfit-looking that even the Hill of Zion may not be feasible when the evil day comes.

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