The Angry Corrie 8: Jul-Aug 1992

Greenhouse effect: shock new evidence!

The Mild Winter isle. Skye is often referred to as the 'Mild Winter Isle' and is attracting a growing number of visitors from November-March who appreciate the mild climate enjoyed by the island compared with their own harsh winters further South.

This is due to the predominent maritime influence which creates very mild temperatures, providing Skye with less severe winters than Central Scotland or the South-east of England

This quote, from a touristy leaflet entitled Romantic and Historic Dunvegan Castle, caught our eye. Alongside the usual guff about seals and coral and white-tailed sea eagles, came this astonishing assertion re winter conditions on the Isle of Skye. Certainly anyone who has ever battled up Coir'a'Ghrunnda or some such place between November and March is likely to be both amused and bemused...

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