The Angry Corrie 7: May-June 1992

Possible Earthquake in Highlands!

The more intellectual of our readers may have seen this map in the Royal Geographical Society's magazine Geographical. The position of Loch Etchachan (normally NE of Macdui) poses some questions:

  • Has one of these "fossil rock glaciers" moved the entire Cairngorms to Torridon?
  • Has the whole area been tilted, causing the waters of Loch Etchachan to flow into Loch Maree?
  • Is this a KGB plot to change vital landmarks, thus causing riots in the bothies?
  • Is this MI5's way of confounding a Mossad plot to increase Ben Macdui's height over the magical 1344m, thus provoking yet more riots in the bothies?
  • Has Loch Etchachan been moved to make way for a new stalkers' road?
  • Is it all a cock-up by the RGS?

I think we should be told...

Graham Pearson

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