The Angry Corrie 6: Mar-Apr 1992

True Stories about notables No. 1:
Famous utterance in Uisge Beatha

Remarkable outdoorsman Jimmy Macgregor was sitting drinking coke in Uisge Beatha, that fabulously unkempt Glasgow West End drinking den owned by those lovely people from the Inverarnan. He's at the bar, holding court about the "great outdoors" with some media chums. Then a head pops through from the other bar.

- Taxi for Paterson! - yells the head.

There is a moment's confusion and then a tired and emotional gentleman meanders unsteadily in search of his taxi.

The general hubbub resumes, and all become involved once more in lively conversation. Until a voice from a dark corner suddenly pipes up with:

- Helicopter for Macgregor!

David Jenkinson

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